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Lauren Conrad Beauty Book—Yay, or Nay?

Ok, so remember when I admitted that I was a bit of a reality TV junkie? What I left out was that my guilty TV pleasure began many moons ago. Laguna Beach anyone? Yeah… not sure I should be admitting that tidbit to the world but why not! Looking back it was one cheesy show but at the time it was addictive and fun and relatable to a lot of people my age. It’s only natural my Laguna Beach enthusiasm graduated to becoming a fan of The Hills. Judge if you must, but it was the beginning of my relationship with reality TV and I’m not ashamed!

Many of the Laguna Beach and The Hills stars had their 5 minutes of fame but Lauren Conrad, arguably the glue that held both shows together, has found a way to remain popular and current in a world where reality starlets are a dime a dozen. She’s the author of a popular series of fictional books for young adults based on her experience in the reality TV world, her style envy has resulted in a fashion line for Kohl’s along with releasing the book Lauren Conrad Style.

More recently, she’s released her second Non-Fiction book— Lauren Conrad Beauty. You always wonder when celebrities release clothing lines, makeup lines and books if they’re going to be worthwhile. Personally, I love this book. It’s filled with tips on all things beauty with step by step instructions on achieving the individual looks. If you love Lauren’s makeup, hairstyles and want to know her favourite looks and trends, you’ll love this book. In addition to what some might call the superficial aspects of beauty, there is great advice on how to be beautiful from the inside out. In other words, looking after your mind and body and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Something I certainly want to become better at.

She doesn’t claim to be an expert, which I appreciate. She’s simply saying what works for her and is offering up her advice and tips to those interested. Also, I respect her vulnerability and honesty. She didn’t have to include pictures of her worst beauty moments (Pic #2), but she did. Her beauty evolution, like most, wasn’t always pretty. She’s human just like the rest of us. She’s also blunt in her intro about photoshop. Yes, the photos are retouched but she’s open in saying that she ensures that retouchers don’t go overboard because, in her words, she feels very strongly that the image she projects should be what she actually is— a fairly normal girl, with fairly normal problems. Aren’t we all that girl?

Whether you’re wanting the perfect go-to party makeup look (Pic #3) or the perfect go-to party hair (Pic #4), this book has something for all the beauty savvy girls out there. It’s easy to read and relatable, much like what I’d imagine Lauren to be like in person. If you aren’t fond of Lauren Conrad, you won’t like the book. Personally, I think Lauren has timeless beauty and style and I appreciate any tips on achieving the same for myself. My verdict? YAY!


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