Holiday Tabletop: Stylish Traditional


Holiday d├ęcor, in my opinion, boils down to ones personal taste. Some like to keep it traditional, decorating their homes in red and green hues and displaying ornaments that have been in their family for decades and decades to come. Others like to switch it up, remaining current with what’s trendy and popular that season. Personally, I like to embrace both sides of the coin by mixing and matching both stylish and traditional items.


My holiday tabletop changes depending on my mood and the people I’m hosting for dinner. For a more casual affair I like to keep it traditional with lots of red, a little sparkle and candlelight. A fancier affair brings out my inner glam and I tend to lean toward silvers and golds (stay tuned for a demonstration next week). I don’t love a cluttered tabletop, but I also don’t want it to look sparse. My best piece of advice is to keep it simple and use what you have. A centrepiece can be anything so use decorations from around the house. For example, the red trees pictured usually live elsewhere but for one evening added the finishing touch to my holiday table. Paired with complimentary place settings, napkins and candles, within minutes your table will look festive and dinner party ready.


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