Holiday Gift Ideas for Him


Is it just me, or does shopping for men get harder every year? Whether it’s my husband or brothers I always find myself struggling to find gifts that I feel they’ll genuinely love and appreciate. I don’t want to buy just any old thing, I want to purchase something that come Christmas morning will make their faces light up. This year I’ve come across some pretty interesting gift ideas, that no matter the man, I think they’ll truly enjoy. Check out some of my ideas below and let me know what you think. Hope they help you on your journey to finding the perfect gift for him.

  1. Nest Thermostat: My husband installed this in our home and he’s obsessed. I’ll admit, so am I. It’s a thermostat that thinks for itself. It picks up on your heating and cooling habits and adjusts itself accordingly throughout the day or you can also set it up to automatically be specific temperatures at certain times of day. Plus, you can adjust your homes temperature from your phone and over time it will save you money. To learn more about Nest or to purchase go to or click here.
  2. Good Morning Handsome Coffee Mug: Start a mans day off right by reminding them of their handsomeness every time they have their morning coffee. Available at Chapters/Indigo.
  3. Apple TV: The perfect gift for anyone who loves to watch television online. Once set up, it connects t.v shows and movies stored on your computer to your television so that you can watch everything on the big screen. It also enables you to watch anything available on iTunes, gives you access to YouTube and allows you to stream Netflix if you have an account. Once you have it you won’t know what you did without it and for the price it’s a steal. For more information go to
  4. Skincare Products: I don’t know why more men don’t look after their skin, but it’s one of my missions in life to get my husband on a regular skincare regimen. Perhaps a gift of this nature will give the men in our lives a nudge in the right direction. To see more Nivea for Men products click here.
  5. Plaid Pajama Pants: Help men feel cute and comfy all winter long in super soft plaid pajama pants. The pants shown are available at Target and
  6. Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones: If you know any guys that are music junkies these headphones are going to change the way they listen to music. Not only do they feature powerful, incredibly clear sound, they’re wireless and you can pair them to any bluetooth enabled device. With up to ten hours of battery life his music will almost never be interrupted. For more information go to or click here.
  7. Owen & Fred “You Dirty Dog” Soap: A 100% vegan soap described by Owen & Fred to be scented like an old cigar box with a hint of Peru Balsam and black pepper and how they imagine Teddy Roosevelt would smell after wrestling a bear to the ground. In all seriousness, I think any man would love and get a kick out of this soap. For this and more fun gift ideas for men go to, a site dedicated to men goods made great.
  8. Opena iPhone Case: Not only a protective case for his iPhone, it’s also a bottle opener for those on the spot bottle cap emergencies. For more information go to
  9. Cheeky Stationary: Who doesn’t love clever, cheeky stationary? Terrapin Stationers does it best in my opinion and offer a wide range of fun (and manly) paper goods. To see more check out their site or click here.
  10. Herschel “Sutton” Duffle Bag: One might be surprised how many men like having a nice bag for trips and weekends away. Herschel offers a wide range of bags in a variety of styles and colours designed to please the male aesthetic, along with a variety of other male driven handy products. To see more Herschel gear go to or click here.


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