High-top Sneakers


I have a confession to make. High-top wedge sneakers are growing on me. I’ll be the first to admit that when this new trend surfaced I turned my cheek, but lately some of the styles have been catching my attention. Like the leather Marc by Marc Jacobs duo pictured above (of course I’m drawn to the most expensive pair).

As a woman of  5’3” (I might be being generous on that one) a little extra heel height always does me some good, but I find it difficult to wear heels all day long and thus I resort to my go to flats. However with colder weather upon us my tootsies are becoming too cold. Perhaps this is my solution? I can add a little height while remaining warm and kick it around town comfortably.

I haven’t personally tried a pair of high-top wedges yet, but as an avid online review reader I’m finding the consensus mainly positive and am considering taking the plunge. I think the key for me will be choosing a pair that’s simple and relatively neutral, like what I’ve shown above. What’s even better is that participating in this trend is easy, as I’ve demonstrated options in both high and low price points.

What are your thoughts on high-top wedge sneakers?

Interested in one of the items pictured? Check out their information below.


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