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It doesn’t matter how much stuff we have, we always want more. When the fall season starts to appear in leaf form I can’t help but become giddy with the goods that will be now be available in full force at my beloved shopping haunts. It’s my favourite season. It’s the perfect amount of warm mixed with the perfect amount of cold. No more frizzy hair and instantaneous sweating upon leaving the house. Rejoice!

Everybody’s budget is different and mine changes from season to season based on what’s going on in my life. It’s only natural that some seasons you can afford more than others, and that’s ok! You can still embrace the trends whether you have money to burn or pennies to save. Note what’s popular and what works for you and trust that you can find it high end or at one of my personal faves, Target! What’s popular trickles into every store, that’s the beauty of it. Above is a mere sampling of items I’m obsessing over and what’s currently available to purchase.

This season it’s all about jewel tones, especially oxblood and navy. You can add these hues into your clothes, makeup, nails and accessories. Can’t afford much? Buy a new polish, scarf or tights. Have the means to splurge? The mall is your oyster. Currently I’m rocking Dior Addict Extreme lipstick in Bonne Aventure (986) and Dior Addict Gloss in Ensorcelante (981). I just can’t say enough about their formulas. They aren’t sticky and they feel incredible on my lips, not to mention these colours are right on trend for fall. Wear them separately or together—either works beautifully.

Let’s not forget about plaid. Anyone who knows me knows it’s one of my obsessions and has been for years (don’t ask me to count how many plaid scarves I own…) though it comes in and out of popularity all the time. It’s for that reason I’m convinced that Marc Jacobs and I are cosmically connected, as plaid has been a staple in his collections since the 90’s. I’m currently coveting his Penn Plaid dress.

Fall is about being cozy, so grab your boot socks and boots, throw on a scarf, rock a bold oxblood lip, buy a latte and enjoy the beauty that is this season.

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