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Election Day :Nobody Puts Baby in the Binder!

Preach it Ryan Gosling. Election day is upon us. I know I’m not American but they are my closest neighbour and thus I pay attention to the issues that matter— Michelle Obama’s fashion. Kidding (sort of). I pay attention to the issues and the debates and form educated opinions. I respect that everyone has the right to vote for whomever they deem the best candidate. That is unless you’re voting for Twitt Romney, in which case you’ll be met with rolling eyes and my thick binder. A binder that is not full of women but full of reasons to not vote for him. And newsflash, my binder is much bigger than his. (snap!)

Let’s take the edge off, shall we? When I said I appreciate Michelle Obama’s fashion I meant it. She has dressed to kill since becoming the First Lady and I’m not going to hold the fact she can afford it against her, or that she probably doesn’t even have to pay for her couture (*drool). Quite frankly, I’d be looking sharp as a tack too if I had that kind of money at my disposal. Check out my Michelle Obama fashion gallery below.

Still craving a few Romney giggles? Check out the last pic in the gallery for a quick fix. But on a serious note, my American friends, vote. Without you, your country won’t find the light at the end of the tunnel. We, your neighbours, know you have it in you to get back on track. And if nothing else, help us. Help us ensure that Romney and Harper don’t go Gangnam Style on North America.




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