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Eau de Lingerie pour Valentine’s Day!

How cute is this idea? I know some of you may roll your eyes and think, “Really? Perfume for my lingerie?” but come on! Perfume? Love. Lingerie (fancy or not)? Love. Adorable pink packaging!?!? LOVE! It’s the perfect delicate, fresh fragrance that quite frankly has stolen my heart this Valentine’s Day. *ahem* I mean my husband. My husband has stolen my heart this Valentine’s day…

Yes, I gather that perfume for your lingerie isn’t the most economical purchase but the title is merely a suggestion in my opinion. Guerlain Eau de Lingerie is designed with the idea that you can indeed spray it directly onto your lingerie without ruining said garments, providing a fresh scent that will follow you around all day much like your favourite day to day fragrance. Why not just use your current perfume? You could. Me personally? I’d rather use something that’s been tested and guaranteed to not stain or ruin my clothing, plus uses perfume notes to create the perfect scent balance so ones bouquet isn’t overpowering so to speak.

Ladies, you and I both know that there are no rules. And if there are rules, that we make them (boys, you know it’s true). So who says only spray it on lingerie? No one! If you love the scent enough I say incorporate it into daily use and wear it behind your ears, on your neck or applied to your wrists. I’m not going to stop there. If it’s designed with fabric in mind, I can’t wait to lightly mist it to freshen my bedding in between washes. A crisp, clean scented pillow? Yes please!

Much like Guerlain’s luscious Délice de Peau cream, Eau de Lingerie notes are as follows:

  • Head Notes: ambrett seeds
  • Heart Notes: iris & rose
  • Base Notes: sandalwood, white musk & vanilla

Convinced? Available now, pick up a bottle at your local department store Guerlain counter. If not due to its flirty and fun nature, then because the scent is delectable.


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