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My Dream Office: Furniture & Finishes


After finalizing my office paint colours it was time to dive into finding the perfect pieces (furniture and otherwise) to make my vision come to life. Keeping in mind the space will be functioning as my office and guest bedroom, it was important to keep things crisp, clean and neutral while embracing a little glamour and adding a feminine touch.

With grey paint being the main accent I decided to keep it light by choosing white furniture, shelving and white-washing the wood on my pre-existing unfinished bed frame and side tables. Texture and colour came into play when choosing bedding, throw pillows and a tufted upholstered chair that was a must-have for pairing with my soon to be white desk. One of my favourite parts of the process was outfitting my space with knick knacks I’ve collected over the years and other decoratively appropriate office supplies. It’s by far the easiest and cheapest way to add personality to your home office. Another great way to add colour that can be switched up at your leisure is with fresh flowers. In a perfect world I’d have fresh office flowers every week, but unfortunately most plants/flowers can be poisonous to cats. My two loyal mascots don’t take kindly to being locked out and because they can’t resist the allure of fresh flowers, the faux alternative is fine with me.

What did I choose? You’ll soon see. In the meantime check out my inspiration board that may or may not include a few items that made the final cut (links and information below).

  1. Christian Louboutin Hardcover Book, $100.32 CAD (on sale)
  2. Crate & Barrel Spotlight White Desk, $599 USD
  3. Pure Home Newcastle Sand Beach Lounge Chair, $706 USD
  4. West Elm Solid Silk Hand-Loomed Throw Pillow in Blue Teal, $29.11 CAD (on sale)
  5. Ikea Artificial Dahlia Flowers, $3.00 CAD
  6. Kate Spade Small Card Big Thank You Greeting Cards, $20 CAD
  7. Ikea Ekby Hemnes Wall Shelf, $29.99 CAD
  8. Urban Barn Monaco Table Lamp, $169 CAD
  9. West Elm Tile Wool Kilim Rug in Platinum, $697.78 CAD
  10. Kate Spade Bow Paperclips, $12 CAD


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