Dior Grand Bal Noël Makeup Collection

Swoon-worthy cosmetics my friends. I was lucky enough to test out the products pictured above (Dior Grand Bal Luminous Eye  and Lip makeup palette [$85], Dior Grand Bal Pearl Drops Lashes [$28] and Dior Grand Bal 5 Couleurs eyeshadow in “Fairy Golds”[$59])   this past weekend and when I say they don’t disappoint I mean they do not disappoint! I can’t even tell you how many eyeshadow brands I’ve tried over the years and with much testing I do have my favourites— Dior is always one of them. One of my biggest eyeshadow pet peeves is having to repeatedly layer on the stuff in order to achieve the desired colour and when it doesn’t smooth over the lid easily and you’re left trying to blend like you’ve never blended before. If you’re wanting to rid yourself of this irritating task I highly recommend you give Dior eyeshadow a try. Once you go Dior you’ll never look back!

The Dior Grand Bal Noël Makeup Collection is truly to die for—their products never cease to amaze me. A bit of an eyeshadow glutton, I knew I needed (yes needed, haha) to try the shadows in the holiday collection.

Pictured left, I’m wearing the pearl eye-shadow duo (gold [all over the lid] and platinum [in the crease] shades) from the Grand Bal Eye and Lip makeup palette and boy do they smooth over the lid like butter. I vividly remember thinking while applying the shadow that I barely saw any shadow on the brush yet my lids were popping with shimmery colour. Their claim that they “shine like silk” is an understatement! If I’m to be entirely sincere, I’ve found very few gold shadows (or platinum shadow for that matter) in my time that were easy to apply without being overpowering. I can honestly say that this is one of the best gold/platinum shadows I’ve ever used. Application was effortless and it achieves the perfect bold/subtle eye makeup balance. I know it’s eye shadow but I’m SO excited about it! If that’s wrong I don’t wanna be right!

And what better way to finish off the perfect eye look than with glamorous eye lashes? There isn’t one! I’ve tried a few different faux eye lash brands but this one by FAR takes the cake. What did I love so much? For faux lashes, they were as real looking as they get— very soft and the added bonus of little pearl gems! In addition to that they were the easiest lash I’ve ever applied, bar none. They needed very minimal (and I mean minimal) adhesive and they just slid into place like a baseball player slides into home. How’s that for a makeup analogy?

Interested in checking out what Dior has to offer? I know I want to go buy the Grand Bal Diorific Vernis nail polish in “Diva” (that’s my kitty’s name!) In Canada Dior is available at The Bay, Holt Renfrew and Sephora (though the holiday collection isn’t available at Sephora). Outside of Canada, check your local department stores or the store locator on dior.com

What more can I say but J’adore Dior!


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