Dior Golden Winter Holiday Collection

Something I look forward to every November is checking out different holiday collections. Whether it be makeup, clothing, décor or tasty treats now on shelves at the grocery store, I’m all in and ready to embrace the holiday spirit.

Lately I’ve been in a Dior state of mind and their holiday cosmetic collection, Golden Winter, should not be missed. It’s everything I imagine holiday beauty to be, filled with playful silver and gold shadows, deep, rich red lips and nail lacquer fit for royalty transforming nails into an accessory. Simply put, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these luxe, golden (an essential in Christian Dior creation) products and have since narrowed down some of my favourites.

Covering all beauty bases, I’m in love with the “Golden Snow” 5 Couleurs palette, Diorific lipstick in “Diva” (ruby red) and Diorific Vernis nail polish in “Minuit” (vibrant plum strewn with golden glitter). Excluding the polish, the palette and lipstick are the main components in my featured look. Using silver as a highlight, gold all over the lid and a touch of grey in the outer crease, it strikes the perfect balance between subtle and dramatic. Paired with “Diva”, a vibrant, pigment boosted red lipstick and instantly you’ve created a look with wow factor. Take it from me, the products pop in photos but in person they’re only amplified.

Available for a limited time during the holiday 2013 season, to purchase head to your local Dior counter, or and enjoy!

Check out the promotional video for the Golden Winter Collection below.


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