Dior Chérie Bow = Dior Chérie Beau!

I have big Dior news! But unfortunately you’re going to have to stay tuned for a post in the coming weeks to hear about it. I thought I was going to be able to share/show sooner but unfortunately there has been a slight delay. Insert sad face here. But not to worry! I’m optimistic all will work out in our beauty junket favour.

So what’s a girl to do? How about gush about something else Dior? Like my love for their latest collection Chérie Bow. Pretty in pink is the name of the game, a trend that’s becoming boldly apparent in many Spring makeup collections. Though I’ve never considered myself a “pink lady” I believe Aerosmith’s song Pink speaks volumes about my new found appreciation. For example, “Pink, it’s my new obsession. Pink, it’s not even a question.” Right!?! Not convinced Steven Tyler was ahead of his time? Try this on for size, “Pink, it’s the colour of passion. Pink, it just goes with the fashion!” I know. Your mind is blown. You can thank me later. I’m here all week.

Back to the point—Chérie Bow, which I’ve cleverly coined as Chérie Beau (so clever it hurts). All right, all right. I know it may be the masculine form of beautiful in french, but it works so let’s let it slide. Chérie Bow pairs perfect pink shades with smoky grey shades that achieve colour coordination perfection. With a vast array of new tones and products, I really believe there is something to please every pink taste. Like to make a statement? Then try the bolder pinks in the  Charming Pink eyeshadow palette (shown in pic #2). Interested in using pale pink as your new neutral? Add Dior Addict lipstick in Candid to you growing collection.

I’ve tried many of the Chérie Bow products and I don’t have a negative thing to say about any of them. I’m not one to play favourites but here they are (pic #2).

This collection is perfect for me. I love colour, I love a bold lip and I’m a bit of an eye-makeup glutton, especially when it comes to liner. I know the Twin Set technically isn’t a liner but the super-soft pencil is perfect for smudging a thick line of colour into the lash line and at the other end the foam tip impregnated with shimmering powder blends a flawless line. I’m officially obsessed. Clearly, since I can’t pick one favourite product. I could only narrow it down to seven!

Are you a “pink lady?” If so head to your Dior counter at The Bay or to Sephora who’s carrying select items. Currently on-sale, get your pink products while they’re hot because they’re sure to go quickly.


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