Constant Cravings

Constant Cravings


I know I’ve previously mentioned (here) that Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly on my radar when it comes to celebrating big or buying lavish gifts. However, that doesn’t mean this heart filled holiday doesn’t evoke my inner affection for rose hued (or scented) goodies. If you are in the gift giving spirit, whether it be for a significant other, family or that friend you’re boycotting Valentine’s Day with to eat pizza and watch horror movies, these potential presents in varying shades of pink are just the ticket. Who says you need a boyfriend/girlfriend in tow to enjoy a holiday dedicated to love. Surprise and spoil anyone in your life that you care about.

See something you like? Check out the items pictured and their links below.

  1. Nad├Ęge “Je T’aime” Assortment of 12 Macarons Box, $26.50 CAD
  2. Bella Freud Forever Wool Sweater, $375 USD
  3. EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm in Pomegranate Raspberry, $3.29 USD
  4. Michael Kors Mid-Size Golden Stainless Steel Pink-Face Three-Hand Watch, $195 USD
  5. Diptyque Rosa Mundi Candle, $65 USD
  6. Chapters Indigo XOXO Sequin Pouch, $14.50 CAD
  7. Toms Natural Embroidered Hearts Women’s Classics, $65 CAD
  8. Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in “Bloom”, $24 USD
  9. Joe Fresh 3 Pack Knit Socks, $6 CAD
  10. Lola James Personalized Alter Ego Necklace, $125 USD


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