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Burn Baby Burn

This post is inspired by an urgent text message I received this morning from my best friend who has been in Florida for the past few days. Like many pale Canadians stuck in the throws of glowing white Winter skin, she headed south and is now feeling the heat, in sunburn form, all over her body. She, like we all do, longed for the suns fiery rays and in a moment of weakness thought being in the shade would save her milky white fair skin. The sun has bitch-slapped her, for lack of a better term, and she’s in crisis.

Any other time this sunburn wouldn’t be an issue. It’d be painful and frustrating but in due time it’d heal itself. However, she’s flying in from Florida tonight because tomorrow is a special occasion. My husband has invited her and 7 of our closest friends to join us in attending a black tie function in which he is a named sponsor. It’s a very formal affair and we’re all required to get dressed up in our snazziest attire and party the night away. One catch—her dress is strapless and her arms and chest are screaming bloody sunburn murder.

What’s a girl to do? Well, Court, this ones for you! Much reading has been done and I think I’ve found the best sunburn remedy that comes Nurse recommended.

If you find yourself looking like the sunburn victim to the left, black tea might just be the dream date you’ve been searching for. Here is what you’ll need:

  • a bathtub (preferably ceramic so it won’t stain)
  • a water pitcher
  • a towel that you don’t mind staining
  • water
  • 3 bags of black tea

Step 1: Fill water pitcher with lukewarm water and soak tea bags until the water looks black in colour.

Step 2: While the tea is steeping, run a lukewarm bath. If you find lukewarm water too painful on your burn then by all means, run a cold bath instead.

Step 3: Once in tub, soak the towel in the black tea and dab onto your sunburn. Do not wipe off excess tea, let it absorb into your skin. When it does and the area is dry, re-apply more tea as needed. The more tea you let absorb into your skin the better the results.

*Tip: If done before bed you can go to sleep afterwards allowing the tea lots of healing time.

Step 4: In the morning, wash any dry tea off in the shower. If all goes as planned, your sunburn should be looking and feeling considerably better.

This step-by-step plan works best for burns on upper body parts. If the sunburn is on your legs black tea can still be the cure you’re looking for. After taking a cool bath to remove heat from the sunburn, pour the black tea into a spray bottle and spritz the desired areas. Downside? You’ll have to stand there, maybe do a little dance, until the tea dries in order to avoid staining everything you own.

Last but not least, for long-term sunburn care, drink lots and lots of water and moisturize the burned skin. More moisture means minimal peeling. And next time you’re catching some rays, thoroughly SPF 30 it up friends, shade or not. You’ll thank yourself later.


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