Buckle Up

Once upon a time, there was a dark brunette, fair skin girl who was deeply into fashion and beauty. When the day came for her to really define her sense of style, her love for all things belts began. In fact, many a friend have been quoted, “That Kat, she comes with a belt.” And the legend continues…

Belts, in my opinion, are the perfect accessory and long gone are the days when belts were only here to serve as our slacks supporters. Universally flattering, they complete every outfit and cinch in every waistline without prejudice. They can be skinny, plain, colourful or embellished and depending on the personality can work into every wardrobe. What’s not to love?

Michael Kors has done it again, folks. As if my love for wearing belts the literal way wasn’t enough, now I can wear them as jewellery on my wrists? Why didn’t I think of that! Perhaps if I had, I too would be a ridiculously talented wealthy fashion designer, but alas, that just isn’t in the cards for me. Instead, I will continue to follow Michael Kors’ efforts to stylishly dress the modern woman and take part in his trend recommendations assuming they fall into the flattering for me category. But that’s the beauty of jewellery friends—it’s universally flattering! It’s one size fits all, so to speak, and these buckle bracelets have my name written all over them. Actually, they have Michael Kors’ name written all over them, but you catch my drift.

With Spring on the horizon, Michael Kors Buckle Bracelets are now available in assorted colours like turquoise, lime and orange. If you’re more of a metallics gal like myself, you can also adorn your wrists with classic shades of gold, rose gold and silver. The only dilemma you’ll have is big buckle vs. small buckle. The solution is obvious—buy both!

Available at multiple department stores (e.g. Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus), and Michael Kors stores worldwide.

Are you going to buckle up?


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