Bright Eyes,Big Colour

Want your eyes to pop but aren’t big on wearing bright coloured eyeshadow? Me too! I love the way bright shadows look on others but when it comes to my own peepers I feel more comfortable in beiges, browns and soft pinks. When bright eyeliner stepped onto the scene I got really excited and more and more I’m seeing it on celebrities and when I go out at night. Coloured eyeliner is a great alternative to all over eyeshadow colour in that it allows you to keep wearing the shades you love but adds in a dramatic kick of colour that you fancy. I’m actually really excited to dabble in this trend myself. Perhaps for my next night out or special occasion me thinks!

Is there a right and wrong way to wear it? Isn’t there always? Much like my other posts on colourful makeup it’s important to remember less is more. If you like what I did to my gorgeous model Kendra’s eyes then check out my tips and the products I used below. And might I add she’s the most gorgeous redhead with flawless skin! The perfect candidate to suit all eyeliner colours.


Tip #1

Keep your overall makeup look neutral. In other words, set your face with the usual concealer, foundation, powder. When it comes to cheek colour keep it soft and simple. You want the focus to be on your eyes. For Kendra I used a very soft pink blush and highlight powder to make her skin glow.

Tip #2

Let the liner do the talking. You could pair similar colour shadows with your eyeliner of choice but if you do keep it soft and focus on blending. If you’re wearing a bright eyeliner you want it to be noticed so let your eyeshadow take a back seat. I used MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in A Natural Flirt all over the lid followed by a light dusting of MAC Eye Shadow in Mystery in the crease.

Tip #3

Everyone has a technique that works for them when it comes to applying eyeliner. I usually use a cream gel eyeliner formula that comes in a little pot and apply it with a brush. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any in a hue that I felt was bright enough. The three colours I decided on were Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Electric Green (Pic #1), Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Royal Purple (Pic #2) and Sephora Collection long-lasting 12HR Wear Eyeliner in Fancy Blue (Pic #3). Creating the perfect line was a two step process. I’m not fussy about using really wet liquid eyeliner’s but I must say these three were great options though I don’t love using the applicator brush that is included. I used my own eyeliner brush and applied a light first coat of liner to the eye (step 1). Because I’m so used to applying liner that way it made it easier for me and allowed me to create a fluid line. To make the colour more vibrant I lightly went over the line I already made with the applicator brush that came with the liners (step 2). The key to applying a wet liner is to not use a lot of pressure. By creating a guideline with my own eyeliner brush first it allowed me to be able to lightly drag the the actual liner applicator across the same line without the makeup running. Applying too much pressure with a wet liner can create a runny mess. The more control you have over the applicator the better. Apply a coat of mascara and ta da! Your eyes are done.

Tip #4

Just a reminder to let your eyes be the focal point. In other words, don’t wear a bright red lipstick because we won’t know where to look. Keep it simple with neutral or soft pink shades. Trust me friends, you’re going to look gorge!



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