At Home Holi-hair :The Faux-Bob

That’s right. I coined a new term— Holi-hair. Save your applause, I insist! Kidding of course, on the applause (not my new amazingly awesome term). Everyone wants to look radiant over the holidays especially when you’re attending countless parties. And we all have that one party involving certain people you see once (maybe twice) a year who give you that rooted burning pang of competitiveness deep down in your stomach. You run around like a crazy person the month prior finding the perfect dress, the perfect shoes and schedule hair and makeup appointments for the day of. For what I ask? For that one measly moment you make eye contact across a crowded room. The moment you also realize how ridiculous you’ve been acting for the past month preparing for said moment. When will we learn ladies? Save yourself the time, agony and money by a) not letting your frenemy get the best of you b) repeat wearing one of the amazing dresses in your closet you’ve only worn once if you can’t afford a new frock (I’m so guilty of that one) and c) reading my blog so you can do your hair and makeup at home. Ha! Problem solved!

Seriously, if you have a decent curling iron, bobby-pins, hairspray and some time then do it yourself. I absolutely love the look of a curled faux-bob so I decided to try it out on my gorgeous friend Kendra (side note: how stunning is her natural red hair!?!). In all honesty it was WAY easier to do than I anticipated so I believe without a shadow of a doubt that you too can do this at home. An added bonus, once the hair was curled it only took around 10 minutes to finish the look. Quick and easy, you can’t ask for much more.

Need me to break it down for you? I’ve got your back friends! Check out the very basic steps below. Any questions or comments? I’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate.


Step 1: Curl your hair as you see fit. (Pic #1) Obviously the more time you take to curl it the better the result will be. When finished run your fingers through you hair, just a little, to break up the curls. *Tip: The larger the curling iron barrel the bigger and looser the curl will be. My curling iron barrel is 1 1/2″. If you’re wanting a tighter curl à la Taylor Swift then use a curling iron with a 1″ barrel. 


Step 2: For shorter hair, using bobby-pins, pin hair (the pieces defining hair length) toward the top of your neck. Secure with as many pins needed to achieve desired bob. (Pic #2) For longer hair (note: this look works best on a layered haircut) tie your hair into a loose low ponytail. Tuck and pin the ponytail in place underneath your hair along with any other pieces that look out of place. For both long and short hair, don’t pin the flowing tendrils. They’re what make the style look romantic.

Step 3: Re-curl the loose tendrils that may have fallen flat during Step 1 and Step 2. (Pic #3) Again, run your fingers through you hair until you’re happy with how the curls are falling.



Step 4: Apply an even spritz of hairspray. I prefer one that’s strong but has a soft hold ensuring your hair doesn’t feel like a helmut. (Pic #4)




Step 5: Ta Da! At home holi-hair! What’s more, you can repeat this look year round. Enjoy!




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  • Jo November 20, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    Erm, this is freakin’ genius! Although I really could have done with this a few weeks ago before I chopped my hair into a bob – SO regretting that decision now! Loving your blog by the way, sorry it has taken me so long to comment before, but I have indeed been reading! 🙂


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