A Natural Woman

You too can feel like a natural woman with the right products and techniques and you don’t have to be a celebrity with a professional makeup artist to pull it off. I absolutely love the au naturale look from the dewy skin to the subtle pink pout. Certain celebs do it so well (e.g. Julianne Hough and Kate Winslet) and though I’ve used two blonde examples natural makeup suits any skin tone, hair colour, you name it!

How to achieve said look? One would think natural look means fewer products, throwing on some lipgloss and mascara and calling it a day. I wish! That natural look is me en route to the grocery store and don’t get me wrong, I work it! The look I’m talking about really comes down to soft colours, illuminators and blending, blending, blending. It’s a statement, much like a bold lip, and is perfect for your next event especially with holiday parties just around the corner.

Eager to try it out yourself? Check out my interpretation on my gorgeous best friend Courtenay and the steps I took to achieve it.

Like most looks the most important step is setting up a strong base. On clean, moisturized skin I applied an all over face primer. Why? Because primer sets the stage for your foundation and concealer. It helps to even out skin tone and helps your makeup last longer. I also used an under eye brightening primer (used for extra dark circle coverage) to ensure the eye area was well primed for concealer.

Next, concealer! Used under the eyes and anywhere that I wanted to even out, I really focused on blending the product because to achieve this look a flawless base is a must. Depending on the individual, I sometimes find using a good concealer can eliminate the need to use a foundation and with the vast amount of blending I did with the concealer it wasn’t needed for this demonstration. I set the concealer with a face powder designed to give a high coverage matte finish.

Time to get cheeky, which in my opinion is one of the most important parts of the look. It takes more than one product to achieve the dewy glow that one wants. The first product I used was my favourite cream blush, applying liberally on the apples and cheekbones and blending the product on an angle toward the outer corner of the eye. When blending it’s key to not use too much pressure because you’ll end up with the product all over your hands, not your face. Once blended I swept a soft high-frost metallic powder on the cheekbones and just up and over the end of the brow and lightly dusted the entire face with the same powder. The final cheek step was applying a cream illuminator. A little goes a long way and again, don’t aggressively blend it in. Lightly dab on the apples and the cheekbones and blend it upward toward the end of your brow.

Over the entire eyelid I used a neutral eyeshadow that had a subtle sheen and a highlight shadow under the brow and on the inner corners of the eyes. I then used a matte shadow on the eyebrows in places that needed a little filling in. Finally, I lined the eyes with my new favourite smokey grey liner and finished with black mascara.

To finish off the look I used a complimentary lip liner to the nude lipstick I had chosen. Then, with a lipstick brush (lipstick always looks best when applied with a brush) I applied my lipstick of choice followed by a neutral lip gloss. When shooting the look I decided I wanted the lip to look a little more pink so I added a hint of pale pink gloss.

Ta Da! That’s what I did and honestly it wasn’t that difficult. Setting the base and blending the product is truly the most important  step. This look isn’t about the eyes or the lips, it’s about creating smooth, glowing skin. Wanna give it a try? Check out the products I used to get started.

Running into trouble? Have questions? Send me an email at hello@beautyjunket.com or leave a comment. Happy to help!

1. Smashbox Photofinish Primer 2. MAC Vibrancy Eye Primer
3. MicaBella Eye Primer 4. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (in Medium)
5. NARS The Multiple (in Orgasm) 6. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (in Soft & Gentle) 7. NARS Illuminator (in Orgasm) 8. MAC Satin Eyeshadow (used on brows in Mystery) 9. MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eye Shadow (in A Natural Flirt) 10. MicaBella Shimmer Powder (in Tease)
11. MAC Glamour Daze Fluid Line Eyeliner (in Little Black Bow) 12. MAC Glamour Daze False Lashes Mascara 13. MAC Lipliner (in Subculture)
14. MAC Viva Glam Lipstick (in Gaga2-no longer available) 15. NARS lip gloss (in Greek Holiday) 16. MAC Glamour Daze Lipglass (in Talk Softly to Me)





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