A Day at Dior

Two weeks ago I had the honour of being invited into Dior’s head office in Toronto to meet esteemed Diorshow makeup artist, Rodderick Gregg. He’s personable, über talented, hilarious and every bit amazing as I’d expected. I feel incredibly privileged to have had a morning with him to pick his brain about all things Dior and beauty, not to mention the spontaneous spicing up of my makeup for the day—double win! With many new products in the midst of being launched, I was lucky enough to have Rodderick (or Roddie since we’re now besties) walk me through the ins and outs of each one ensuring that if I wasn’t already a Dior Addict, I was now.

Stay tuned for reviews on previously mentioned new Dior products, but in the meantime check out my interview with Roddie below and some snapshots I took of their to die for makeup during my visit.

Q: What’s your must have Dior product?

A: Right now? Our navy blue waterproof retractable pencil eye-liner. I’ve fallen in love with navy blue. It looks gorgeous on everyone. I find myself reaching for it more than black or brown because it registers to the eye as definition, the same way a black or brown would. It’s awesome. I don’t care what colour your eyes are, blue is going to brighten the white in your eyes and compliment your eyes too. It’s really beautiful.

Q: In generic terms, what beauty product should no woman live without?

A: When it comes to must-have or what’s really necessary for beautiful makeup, beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. If you don’t have a really good skin care regimen, you’re only covering it up. We spend so much time covering it up, fix the flat. Change the flat tire. Fix your skin. Everyone should have a good skin-care system. I wish someone had told me sooner about the benefits of really good skin-care. I turned 41 this year and if I had known that much sooner how great my skin could look now, I would have been doing it.

Q: If you could work on one celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?

A: That’s a good question! Phyllis Hyman. I think Phyllis Hyman was one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She was statuesque, she was tall, had amazing features and a beautiful voice. As the story goes, she was very insecure. She was very insecure about her features and all of these different things. I feel like when it comes to someone like that, I can see their beauty so obviously. Sometimes I think maybe if I was there, maybe if I’d done her makeup, maybe if I was her friend she’d still be here. I think about stuff like that. That maybe it was just a matter of her needing someone to say Phyllis, you’re amazing. With me as an artist it’s not just about me putting makeup on someone, but it’s me empowering them to say you can do this, feel great about yourself, you’re gorgeous.

Q: What is the most common mistake women make with their makeup?

A: When they want to look tanned and wear a darker foundation. I try to give my clients different analogies when it comes to makeup. A foundation for a house is like foundation for your face. When you build a foundation for a house it’s flat. It’s perfectly even and then you add the windows, walls and the doors on top of it. It can be the most beautiful house in the world but if you build it on a poor foundation everyone is going to say why is the house crooked? It’s the same thing with foundation for the face. People will say why is her foundation a different colour than her neck? She’s really pretty but what’s going on? My thing is match your foundation perfectly and then go in and contour with a pressed powder. Pressed powders mimic skin tones and if you want a more natural contour to warm the skin and look tanned this is the way to go.


Q: Describe yourself in three words.
A: Tall, dark and handsome, ha! Let’s see… spontaneous, energetic and uplifting.

Q: If you weren’t a makeup artist, what would you be?
A: Unemployed!

Q: What’s currently playing on your iPod?
A: A little bit of everything. Rihanna, Maroon 5 and what’s that song? I sing it everyday in the shower. Bruno Mars? Locked Out of Heaven!

Q: What’s your ultimate guilty pleasure?
A: Cold Stone ice cream. Love me some Cold Stone.

Q: Your style is best described as?
A: Metro-casual.

Q: If you’re a budget conscious woman, what one product should you splurge on?
A: Skin-care. I say that sincerely. You can skimp on everything else. You can do a BB Cream instead of a foundation or do mascara and eyeliner and not have to worry so much about eye shadow, but not if your skin isn’t right. Skincare is a must.


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